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    Default New here...with a few questions

    Hey guys, I live in NB, Canada (where RDs are illegal) so you will most likely find me in the Spectre/VG2 sections I do not have a radar detector yet, but I plan on getting the STI Driver (for obvious reasons). So here are my questions:

    Does anyone know what band NB police and RCMP use?

    Do you think that police in my area would be using laser very much, or mostly radar?

    If I do get the STI, what would be the chances of me getting caught (by an officer seeing it, at a traffic stop for an inspection sticker check or something of that nature)?

    What is the best way to get a RD delivered to an area where they are illegal?

    Thanks Guys!

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    Default Re: New here...with a few questions

    I might try posting in specific forums to get your answers.



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