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    Default I80 Truckee Reno Corridor

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post but I have been peeping on occasion in the past. I am a long time radar detector user (Passport 7500) and it still works great. Yesterday I installed the Escort ZR3. The title of this post tells it all. I travel between Truckee where I live and Reno where I do all my shopping and I can tell you this corridor is chock full of CHP and NHP. A couple weeks ago for the first time the Laser dectector part of Passport 7500 activated and I saw the "light" which is the reason for the ZR3.

    Within this corridor the CHP and NHP have favorite trap sites which are as follows:

    Between the Rt89 South and Donner Lake exits. They sometimes sit in the median using Laser (this was where I got my first hit) and scan both east and west bound drivers.

    Overland Trail exit on the eastbound on ramp. This is THE spot you can nearly always find them. If your driving east on I80 you had better slow down when approaching this exit.

    Eastbound I80 after just crossing the border and appoaching the first exit they sit in the median pointed into the eastbound lanes.

    Eastbound I80 just below the crest of a long uphill tug and appoaching the Boomtown exit (2nd eastbound exit). Again they tend to sit in the median facing into the eastbound traffic.

    Special Note: Yesterday just east of Central Truckee I saw them in a new place using Laser (between the Rt 267 South/Rt 89 North exit and the Overland trail exit on the eastbound side. The CHP had a stationary black and white sitting sideways on the south side of the road with several other black and whites parked beyond the Laser car down the road and ready to pursue.

    Good luck and drive safe,

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    Default Re: I80 Truckee Reno Corridor

    What kind of car did you install the ZR3s on?



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