hello everyone jackcc5 here real name joe im 20 years old i live in new zealand in marlborough. blenheim i drive a 1996 Subaru Impreza GL maunal. im Currently runing a Escort 8500 X50 Blue Display (Hardwired) and a RF scanner looking at geting the veil and the blinder m45 installed. dont really like the cops to much

so i look forward to seeing yous all in the forums hopefull i will beable to see some other new zealanders.

enemy radar:
Stalker DSR1 Daul SL (used in new zeland police cars) Ka 34.7
speed camera vans Ka 35.5 and the low powerd K ban 24.100
Pro III Laser laser gun
radar detectors used:

whistler radar detector unsure of the model hated it
beltronics Rx55 much better but lots of false alerts in town on k ban ka ban and x ban.
Valentine one 3817 didnt like it picks up everyone else's radar detects on ka ban keept me on edge all the time hated it so much i sold it. hated the display loved the Arrows.

now useing Escort 8500 x50 blue display loveing it