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    Hello all, new guy here. I'm 19 and got my first RD when I was 17 after also getting my first speeding ticket (75 in a 55). It was one of those 60 dollar cobra units from wally world and currently use one of the more pricey models and after spending some time here I realized I might as well have a brick mounted on my windshield haha. Anyway as a I type this I just placed an order for a Beltronics RX65 Pro Series RD and eagerly await it's arrival. I hope I made a good choice in RD's!

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    I started out with the RX-75+ model. same thing you got but conceal and laser jammer. It had served its purpose and paid for its self many times. now 2 years later, i upgraded to the 9500CI for the past 6 months and love the diffrence. Got a nice tax return and have a V1 on the way for retal cars, 2nd car, and conjuct with the 9500ci on long trips. I'm sure you will do the same after reading the forumn and aging a bit.



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