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    I live in North Jersey. I drive a black benz. I get pull over like crazy already for dumbest things. =(. thank god none for speeding knock on wood. I want to buy the V1, but will I have false alarms? since i basically live in the city lol jw. My budget is around 300-350. thanks a lot
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    welcome to the board. what part of north jersey you from? you sound like my cousin he drives Cadillac cts and gets pulled over all the time. i told him its time for you to get a radar detector. he basically handed me his credit card and i ordered him the V1. He hasn't been pulled over ever since. I also have the V1 and its great. Its very sensitive but it doesnt bother when it falses a lot.

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    passaic =) lol

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    Welcome to the forum fellow NJ'er

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    thank you



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