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    Default Another new guy here

    Hello All,
    My name is Jason. I have a couple of cars that came with detectors and hope to learn and find some info on them here. This site surely brings back some memories....


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    Welcome aboard!

    Well, tell us what stuff that you got.

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    I have 3 ASC McLarens and a couple of 5.0 Mercury capris.

    2 of my McLarens came with the Whistler Spectrum Remote detectors. I still have one, but the other one is gone. I also have a couple of the regular whistler spectrums I enjoy looking at. Laughing at how big all these things were back 'in the day' when I ordered a crap load of detectors from JC Whitney. They all use to server me well. I more or less just enjoy looking at some of the older detectors since they bring back great memories from a different point in time.

    Glad to have found this forum. Will enjoy getting info.


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    Default Re: Another new guy here


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    And here I thought you had a McLaren F1....

    Welcome anyway, I guess.




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