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    Hello Everyone - signed up for the forum months and months ago, been only lurking since then. Just received my second LIDAR ticket (thankfully again outside my home state), so I'll be posting soon for advice. I'm running the Bel Vector 985 (oldie but goodie) in both cars - will be seeking advice for LIDAR countermeasures real soon, for use in NH and MA.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Welcome Anthony!

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    Hi Anthony, i'm from MA. Where did you get the ticket?

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    Got tagged in NY with LIDAR yesterday while passing through Albany on I-87. Details are in my posting entitled, "Questions about NY state LIDAR ticket" in the "How to Beat Your Ticket" forum. Unfortunately, since my post count is less than 15, I can't insert an HTTP link to the posting - sigh.

    Do you know if NY has a reciprocal agreement with NH?




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