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    Default Hello fellow members.

    Hello all, im from houston and i been looking around for a good radar forums and from what i seen i think i found it. hopefully i will get to learn some new stuff on here. i currently have a valentine v1 but not sure if its working properly so hopefully i will find the answer here. thank you
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    Hi snake212,

    Well, you have found the radar detector forum which is by far the most popular, and hopefully the best too. Welcome aboard!

    The best way to learn (after cussing when the forum's search button doesn't pull up posts which have answers to your questions) is to ask questions!

    How about telling us what (if any) countermeasures which you currently use?

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    Default Re: Hello fellow members.

    Welcome.... you are in the right place to learn. What seems to be the problem with your V1? Great choice for a RD.



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