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    Default hello from Albuquerque

    I discovered your site this evening when I was looking for what might be causing my detector to set off the feared LASER ALERT, for no apparent reason on an in-city road.I use a Beltronics Vector 995 and have had odd Laser Alerts in areas that ordinarily would not have someone aiming a laser at my car.

    I have read some of the entries on this subject-not quite finding an answer yet. When my LASER ALERT goes off I BRAKE no matter what...but...

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    Default Re: hello from Albuquerque

    Hi capnchaos,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Albuquerque is a pretty cool town. 30 or so years ago me and my brother, my cousins, and my parents spent the night there while on a cross-country road trip. In 1994 I did the same thing while driving cross-country, just to bring back memories of my childhood road trip. I remember noting that Albuquerque has grown!

    Anyway, as DJ posted and linked to, there are lots of things which can cause false laser alerts. Aside from the stuff in the link, how are you powering your V995? With its cigarette lighter coiled SmartCord? Are the contacts inside your car's cigarette lighter socket clean?



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