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    Just got my first V1 and I'm here to learn what tips/tricks others may have to offer. Lots of reading ahead.

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    welcome to the forum. any saves yet?

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    Welcome Aboard! You can read through all the post but feel free to ask questions. I don't mind answering stuff twice.
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    welcome to the forum, lots of good stuff in here, read up

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    Welcome. It is helpful to know what radar bands are used in your area. It allows you to possibly lock out or minimise false alerts from unused bands, so you don't get overwhelmed by noise in the city.

    Other than that, it basically just takes getting some miles behind you to get comfortable with exactly what the arrows, bogey counter, and signal meter are telling you. Pretty soon, you'll be a pro at reading the signs, and no longer jamming on the brakes for every beep you hear.

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