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    Default Sup Everyone, need some help please, Im new to this :)

    Sup everyone i jus got a 9500ix cuz i have a "heavy foot" lol......I need some help with the configurations, i live in Detroit, MI and do a lot of driving, any tips on what i should keep my settings at? Oh and for some reason i think the alert on my detector doesn't give me enough time..any reason for that or setting i can change? Any tricks i need to know about the detector? All help will be greatly appreciated thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Sup Everyone, need some help please, Im new to this :)

    Welcome, definitely turn pop off...also it looks like u can turn off X band as well in MI....also when leos shoot radar they shoot either c/o (constant on) which means they leave their radar on and u will be able to pick up the radar for miles depending on the surroundings and conditions of the road...i/o (instant on) is when a leo shoots his radar at a select car every so often...this could be every 15 seconds to minutes in between..this is always why u travel with a guy in front of you (or a rabbit) so if there is a leo who is shooting i/o he will hit him first and you will be able to pick it for other settings with your 9500ix someone else will comment or post in the escort section since i am not rele familiar with that particular unit..hope this answers your questions

    Michigan (thanks AlexRuiz, alpinestars_2002795, bauzer71487, biggreensigns, EasY E, FoolishOne, Jammer84_03, jdong, joegibs, languy99, oaklandmrt, ProudNMAmember, repeter, StlouisX50)

    Allen Park: Laser
    Ann Arbor: K, Ka
    Battle Creek: Laser, K, Ka
    Bay City: K, KA, Laser
    Benton Harbor: k, ka
    Berrien County Sheriff: k
    Beverly Hills: Laser
    Big Rapids: K, KA
    Carrollton: Laser (LTI 20/20)
    Clawson: K
    Clinton: Laser
    Clinton County: Laser
    Davison Township: Laser
    East Lansing: K (updated 07/25/2008)
    Escanaba: Ka,K,POP,Laser (PL III, possibly Ultralyte 200LR)
    Flint: Laser
    Flint Township: C/O Ka (updated 07/16/2008)
    Grand Rapids: Ka, K, Laser (Ultralyte)
    Grosse Pointe: Ka
    Holland: K, Ka, Laser
    Jackson- Police: Ka
    Kalamazoo: Laser, K, Ka
    Kentwood: K,Ka,Laser
    Lansing: K, Ka, Laser (updated 07/25/2008)
    Madison Hts: K
    Meridian Township: Ka (updated 07/25/2008)
    Muskegon: K, Ka, Laser
    Oakland County Sheriff: Ka, K
    Ottawa County: Laser (LTI Ultra Lyte LR)
    Rose City: K (K-10)
    Royal Oak: Ka, K
    Saginaw: K, Ka, Laser
    St. Joseph: K, Ka, Laser
    State: Ka, K
    State Police: Laser
    Troy: K, Ka, Laser
    Walker: K, Ka, Laser
    Warren: Ka, Laser
    West Branch: City (K, Ka), County (Ka, K)
    Wyoming: K,Ka

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    Default Re: Sup Everyone, need some help please, Im new to this :)

    I read this post after sending you a pm. Since u have a lead foot may be meet up during this memorial weekend and I can teach you all I know about RD and how to program your 9500ix. Send me a pm.

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    Default Re: Sup Everyone, need some help please, Im new to this :)

    Thanks guys i apreciate it a lot ! Thats great help and New Kid PM me ur # ill give u a call and we can meet up sometime




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