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    Default DrTahoe Hits the RD Scene

    HI All,

    Just purchased my first RD. Spent a few hours lurking around this site, and ended up with an 8500 X50 red.

    The part I love most about ths site is learning the techniques around new driving habits. (rabits and so forth).

    I spend a few days driving the exact speed limit and learining how the alerts work. I then took it on a camping trip this past weekend (memorial day). At first, my buddy started making fun of it. As we located LEO's everytime it went off, he changed his tune to "how much do these cost?"

    The 8500 X50 definitly saved me two tickets compared to my old driving habits. I would have blown by at 85mph and hoped I got lucky.

    Thanks to ROY for setting up this forum. I look forward to learning about Jammers here.


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    Default Re: DrTahoe Hits the RD Scene

    welcome to the forum



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