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    Default Radar detector misfire max speed of 65 mph

    Anybody seen this problem before?

    Installed a Cobra XRS9400 11-Band on my motorcycle. Immediately got a misfire from idle to 6500 rpm. Max speed in 6th gear was 65 mph. Normal max speed is 160 mph. Misfire cured by disconnecting the radar detector.

    My previous detector worked fine with no misfire (Whistler 925 Super Ka). But it does not have VG2, laser or voice alert.

    I presume I'm getting RF AC down the power cord which jams the ECU.

    So I'll buy an RF choke at Radio Shack and try that on the power cord.

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    Default Re: Radar detector misfire max speed of 65 mph

    Duplicate thread. Replies in other thread:

    Radar detector jams motorcycle

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