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    I am a 62 year old tire store owner in new mexico. Been in business for 31 years. I spend lots of time on the road selling, so i will be very interesting in information regarding beating radar issued traffic tickets. I presently own 2 radar detectors a passport 8500 and a pasport 9500 in two different vehicles.

    Recently got a ticket fot 95 in a 75 zone on the freeway when i was actually doing 78mph. Somethins wrong! My passport 9500 didn't go off. But, when the cop pulled away to continue his patrol my unit went off as soon as he turned his on. Wht do ya think?

    I would like to know everyone's assesment of those 2 radar detectors.

    Nex i wouold like information on the effective range of the golden eagle 2 radar unit.

    Glad to meet ya-all!


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    Welcome aboard. Those are both quality detectors. However, they both suffer the same fatal flaw; they will almost always miss a quick-triggered burst of instant-on radar. Many officers know this, and use the technique almost exclusively in order to beat radar detectors. Chances are, that's what got you, unless it was laser.

    Not much you can do about it except to get a Valentine 1, which is the only RD that consistently beats quick-triggered instant-on. Only you can decide if it is worth it to you, as the technique is not extremely common in the grand scheme of things. You may never face it again. But you might see it tomorrow too.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the Forum
    I'm like way objective so when I recommend a V-1 there is no bias whatsoever

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    Sorry about the ticket Bigfoot. This isn't good news for us in general. QT is becoming more and more common it seems like.

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    It sounds like quick trigger. But why did the clown write it for 95?




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