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    Hello all iam new to the site and looking for some info on a good radio.

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    Welcome to the forum. All info on CB radios are here:

    Scanners, Ham Radios, & CB's - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

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    This is the first time I've ever seen anyone come here specifically for radio information! We do have some experienced people though, and pretty comprehensive FAQs for both CBs and scanner radios. I hope this community is helpful for you. Welcome!

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    Hi Johnny#5,

    Welcome aboard! We bash Cobra radar detectors quite a bit here due to thier poor performance, yet Cobra does manufacture some very good CB radios. Yet keep in mind that Cobra used to have all of their CB radios manufactured by Uniden. Cobra then bought the rights to some of Uniden's CB radio designs, and then Cobra found ways to cheapen the manufacturing costs at the expense of a slight reduction in overall performance. In a nutshell, Cobra CB radios are very good, and the equivalent Uniden CB radios are slightly better. Both Galaxy and Midland manufacture some excellent radios as well. And, as other forum members have pointed out, a CB radio is only as good as the antenna which you choose to pair with it. I have done a lot of reading up on CB radios, but as far as antenna recommendations, I leave that up to the other experts here on the forum. I am using a Wilson Little Will antenna which performs quite well for its size. Yet, apparently, this particular antenna may have quality control issues such that all too frequently people can not get good tuning for the antenna. I had no problems with mine though.



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