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    I just got another RD (im broke as h3ll so i had to get an older model), but when i get better funds, ill get me a better RD. I picked me up a whistler 1783, but it didnt have the mounting bracket. I want to mount it up above my RVM, but with no mounting bracket.......I just used some velcro and placed one side under RD, and the other on some felt that is on top of my Galaxy 949 CB sitting on top of my dash (so the RD has at least some elevation. Im in a 1998 saturn BTW.

    Anyone know where i can get a bracket for this RD?


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    Very nice choice of CB! You're obviously someone who wants the best, so that narrows your radar detector choices down to an easy choice, once you get the cash.

    Performance wise, don't put too much stock in the necessity to move the detector up. It's just not really a significant factor at all. It's a good idea to move it up simply for security reasons. After all, cops and thieves seeing it on your dash is a very bad idea. So you might consider it for that reason. But again, it makes no difference in performance, and with the CB already there, it won't make much difference in security either.

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    i bought the window mount from whistler the day i posted this. I took off the suction cups, and went to rat shack and got some of that high temp velcro. it is now mounted above my RVM. I just need to get some type of extention for the power so i can tuck it unter my roofline, down the door, and to the 3 slot cig adapter i have.

    The 949 is a GREAT radio. i had the cobra 20 plus (OLD model radio) and a crappt 2 ft antenna, and i might have been getting about 1/2 a mile out of it. i said to hell with that, and went to all the pawn shops, none of them had a galaxy. (I had done ALOT of reading and decided i wanted a galaxy) All anyone had were cobra 29's. I went back the next day to get one of the 29's (better than what i had) and the girl behind the counter asked me if i was the one looking for the galaxy. she said she had one that was coming out from the back (apparently pawned and not paid for). I asked how much, she said $100. i asked if i could hook it up she said sure, DL please. So i took it out to the car, hooked it up, and immedietly noticed i was rx'ing ALOT further that with the 20 plus i had, by at least 5 miles. so i bought it. It came with an Astatic 636 mic too

    Got rid of that crappy 2 ft antenna, got a mag mount by itself, and went to a local truck stop and bought a whip with an oil filled center thingy, installed it on the mag mount (about 60 inches tall) and noticed an even bigger difference.

    Ill eventually get a Wilson 1000, and a Galaxy 959, and a linear, but for now, this will work, money is still tight





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