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    Default East Coast of Aust

    Hi to all of you out there in Radar Dectector Land,I just wanted to introduce myself and have my first post on the board.
    I have some questions here and any help would be very appreciated.
    Living in the Eastern States of Aust where dectetors may be a no no, well I want one and am thinking of the STi Driver/XR, I would like to hear from any one who runs one of these units in the Eastern States.
    Are they they good against our local radar ? Also has any one been detected and or faced a punishment from our keepers of the peace (raisers of revenue)?
    Thank you .wildman928s

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    hi and welcome to the forum...the STi is a great RD and completely undetectable to all RDD's (radar detector detectors) out there including the spectre....its one of the most sensitive RD's on the market as well

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    Default Re: East Coast of Aust

    Welcome to the forum



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