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    Howdy from Houston.

    I found when looking for some hard data on how police laser speed measurement works.

    I've noticed the increased police presence on the Katy Freeway lately. I'll start tracking the who, what, when and where for the Houston thread.

    I'm a bit of a hacker, and I think I have some ideas for developing a cheaper, if not a better, laser-jamming mousetrap. I'll see if I can wire together some hardware for the next Houston laser test session.

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    Cool. Welcome aboard. You're lucky, because Houston is probably the most heavily represented area on this forum. And several of the Houstonites here are very knowledgeable and experienced, so I'm sure you'll find your time here valuable.

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    Welcome aboard! You're in a very busy part of town.
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    Welcome to the forum. There are alot of people from the Houston area on this forum.

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    I'm from houston as well.....but up in ohio for the summer....which sucks.....

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I am curious though, when you say you're a bit of a hacker you mean an actual hacker, not just a game hacker right? haha



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