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    Default Whole Truck Overhaul

    Hello there, my name is Angie Saenz and I would like to give my husband a gift for his birthday, so I want to give him a radar detector and a laser jammer. Money is NOT a problem, I'm a dentist and he's a computer programmer, so we earn enough to give each other the privilege of these luxuries. However, he's in the final process in making his new truck the fastest in the city. He's overhauling the whole exterior and interior. His new truck is a single cab GMC Sierra with the 6.2L engine. I believe he's supercharging it, boring it out, adding ram air, exhaust, headers, and IDK what else. This is all I've overheard from him talking to the shop that's doing this.

    All in all, they promised him 800+ horses (Whatever that is) and 850+tork (Whatever that is), but just by how that sounds I'm pretty sure he's gonna go really fast, and he's about to lose his license if he gets another ticket. I don't want that to happen, so I want him to be protected.

    The powertrain is done in the shop, so now they're gonna start the interior, and I would like to tell the shop to add whatever you guys recommend so my hubby can be a little safer out there. Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    Oh, and they also mentioned something about "Diablo", IDK if that matters.

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    This is the only Diablo i know:
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    Others will be able to tell you exactly which RD to get as far as Laser Jammers get him some Laser Interceptor (LI) laser jammers. They are the "strongest" out on the market from what I've seen right now and if money is no worry, then look into getting him some of those.

    I'm sure someone else can verify if it would be good to also get a set for the rear of the truck, since it seems being hit with laser in the rear is getting to be a bigger thing now.

    Also the area he drives in would be a good thing to help us decide what is best as far as threats go.

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    9500ci for the front and sti-r for the back and v1 for good measure if money isn't a problem.

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    You guys keep forgetting that I'm totally new to this. 9500ci? STIR? V1? Anyway, I think the Diablo has to do something with the computer on his truck. Could you get me like complete names on this stuff or what? Should I repost on the General section?

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    a diablo is a ecu reprogrammer for i believe GM models..i have the edge in my truck(ford).. that wont matter. now for laser jammers, Laser Interceptor make the best.
    Laser Interceptor USA - Distributor to The USA, and Canada
    for these jammers being on a truck, i would suggest getting the quads. or the quad hp's..if the pickup is black, no chrome you might could get away with two heads up front and two in the back. the installer hopefully will know a bit about jammers. be careful though because there is alot of mishaps with installation. it would be best if and after all of this take pictures to show us so we can over check. now for radar detector. if you live in the big city(dallas, la, houston) a escort 9500 series will be great. if you live in a state where radar is illegal(virgina, dc,....)then a beltronics sti series. if false alerts arent minded then the valentine one is a favorite.

    Valentine One radar and laser detectors

    Escort Radar Detectors & Laser Detectors - The Radar and Laser Experts - Escort Inc.

    Beltronics Radar Detectors :: Performance Rules


    you came to the right forum for you questions. btw always buy from the manufacture or radarbusters..if you scroll down the main page of this forum you will find a "show off your installion"...some great installs and ideas you might look into..good luck..

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    You sure did come to the right place.

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    There are several of us that run what I consider to be the best speed enforcement countermeasure setup. This would be the Escort 9500ci($1600), the Valentine One($400) and a Laser Interceptor Quad($1225). I'd say this is the consensus, "best setup" around here and should give your husband everything he would need to avoid speeding tickets.

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    Default Re: Whole Truck Overhaul

    We have to consider whether these countermeasures are something he is going to want to enthusiastically interact with as a system, or if they are something he's going to want to just turn on and forget about. Different detectors require different levels of control and interaction to use optimally. Most casual don't want to do that. They just want to brake when they hear a beep, and forget about everything the rest of the time.

    Obviously, the more interested he is in the technology of his countermeasures, the better they are going to work for him, so it would be a different system than we would recommend for someone with no interest in the technology, only the protection.

    Djrams is running the best system available, but that's just too much interaction for most casual drivers, who won't ever commit enough to learning about the technology to get the hang of -- or desire to -- interpreting the signals from three different devices. So let us know where you think he sits on that. Do you think he's going to be interested in countermeasures as a hobby, or does he just want plug-and-play, hands-off protection?

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