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    Default xtr690se excessive Ka and K falsing

    I just purchased two xtr 690 se's to replase older whistlers that were not performing well detecting Ka. However, both of them are falsing to the point of being unuseable in my car and in my wifes car. They false on Ka, Ka POP, and Ka and K Pulse.

    This is in our driveway, in the neighborhood, city streets, county roads, state highways and the interstate. Without exageration, we are unable to travel even one mile without multiple Ka, (POP and Pulse) indications. (Unusually we get no Xband falsing even in Highway mode in places where our old detectors would always pick up door openers etc.).

    Currently running Filter 2, Ka with frequency ID, X on, K on, POP, Safety Warning, etc. I will try turning off POP, Safety Warning, etc.

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    Default Re: xtr690se excessive Ka and K falsing

    are you running side by side???? if so, that is your problem

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    Default Re: xtr690se excessive Ka and K falsing

    Different cars.

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    Default Re: xtr690se excessive Ka and K falsing

    Turning of pop makes a huge difference. try filter first then filter 2 if you have allot of leaky rd's in your area.



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