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    Lightbulb Hi all

    Just purchased the 9500ix and had it hard wired. In reveiwng the manual there is a section dealing with SWS:

    How SWS Works
    Safety Warning System, or SWS, uses a
    modified K-band radar signal. The SWS
    safety radar system has 64 possible
    messages (60 currently allocated). The
    SWS messages your PASSPORT can display
    are listed on the facing page.
    From the factory, your PASSPORT is
    programmed with SWS decoding OFF. If
    you wish to detect this system, use the
    Preferences feature to turn PASSPORTís
    SWS decoding ON. If SWS is used in your
    area, your PASSPORT will display the
    safety messages associated with the signal.

    Where do you go in PREFERENCES to use this feature?


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    richard glass you do autoglass? i have the 9500ix i like it alot, i set my sws off ive never seen it go off in several states for last yr.s it seems worthless to me i drive 24-7 installing 90mph for last 9 years oregon washington florida texas colorado several road trips

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    SWS doesn't exist. It was an idea that just never was instituted anywhere. I dunno why Escort still even messes with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth Stalker View Post
    SWS doesn't exist. It was an idea that just never was instituted anywhere. I dunno why Escort still even messes with it.
    If it's not being implemented in most places then it probably is a fairly useless feature.

    I think it may still be in use in Western Australia.

    [ame=]YouTube - SWS Alert Loud - Whistler XTR690[/ame]

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    Welcome to the forum. Don't bother with SWS unless you can't tell if an emergency vehicle is approaching you

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    Hello RichardGlass. Are you Jan's Brady's BF? Didn't she a boyfriend with your name in the movie?

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    Thanks for the advise. Western Australia is too far to ship the car to see if the SWS works. I think I'll just spend my time trying to figure out how the rest of the stuff works.



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