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    Hi, my name is Alex and im going to introduce myself

    Im 17 and recently got a car. I drive a Toyota Corola, and while I drive very safely, I dont always follow the speed limit. What i mean by that is, if im on an open highway going down the shore or something, and the weather is nice and there isnt much traffic, i like to go like... maybe 80-85ish instead of 65-75ish... So i wanted to get info on radar detectors

    Welcome me
    and thanks

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    Welcome to the forum. I recommend getting a Valentine One since you do most of your speeding on the highway.
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    Agreed, and no RD will protect one from laser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrams80 View Post
    Agreed, and no RD will protect one from laser.
    What is your price range? Although there are a few exception most high end detectors go from 300 and up. Most mid ranges go from about 150-300 and it is hard to find a solid RD for under 150.

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    A V1 is a solid, if expensive, choice for highway driving. A Bel V995 or refurbished Escort 8500 will get the job done for under $200 though.

    If you're from Virginia, your only option for less than $1000 is the Bel Sti though




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