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    Default Hello all you happy users

    Hi, My name is Alex and i'm from Romania, bought a RX65E from a friend 8 months ago and was very happy with the product. But now something is wrong so I ask for your help. Thank you

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    My problem started 3 days ago. I turned on my RX65e and drove, a radar was detected (THE LAST SAVE?), so I slowed down, When I arived at my destination I saw that the RX65 was displaying this: H 14.2 V and it was oscilating H 13.8 V- H 14.2 V. So I took it out for a test run. It does boot, but only a short burst of sound and not the usual parade. So I try to reset by holding the 3 buttons as described in the manual but it does not reset. My RX65e detected a radar but it only shows K 24.117, so I try to enter the programing mode by holding the two buttons, I see that all the setings are wrong and make it as I please, the meter standard, I am not a heavy user. All setings complete and the device restarts but none of the settings are saved. I did press a few buttons and I saw that the volume was turned al the way down, but on power off all setting are lost. I found a post somewhere saying that it is an internal capacitor. I would realy like some advice from you guys, please help. Thank you

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    Please don't post the same question multiple times.

    Direct replies to the other thread:

    RX-65 Kinda Freaking Out

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    I'm sorry, wont happen again.



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