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    Post Lidar ticket question

    got a first ticket in MA on a turnpike over the weekend, the speed limit posted is 65. there were only 2 lines, the right line was already going steady 65 and we were driving in that line along with the traffic. The traffic was medium.

    The area has lots of up and down the hill spots, so when we were driving down the hill we were at the speed limit when the driver decided to change the line. at that spot the hill was going up again, so he excelerated. at the exact moment we noticed that there was a trooper car sitting about 10 yards from the road a little ahead of us. The driver dropped the speed back to the limit and proceeded. the trooper got on the highway and cought up with us about half a mile later. he did not have the flashing lights on. Once his car was behind ours, the driver changed to the right line to let the cruser pass, however the cruser followed and turned the flashing lights on.
    we came to a complete stop on the break line, turned the engine off and openned a window. the trooper approached and stated " you were going 86 in 65 zone, I need your licence and registration". neigher of us had been pulled over before in 12 years, we are both safe drivers and do not have any records. the trooper returned 5 min later and handed us the ticket and said "sign it and send it to the address on the envelop"
    when we proceeded back to the road, and i read the ticket, it said that the speeding was measured by the Lidar.
    since neither of us had the experience with what to say or to ask from the trooper, we were never shown the lidar reading. we were not even aware that this is how he measured it, since he did not even talk to us.
    I know for sure that we were not driving 86 at any point of our 300 mile journey that day, so we sent the ticket and requested the hearing.
    can someone please tell me from the experience, if the Lidar reading was recored, does it get attached to the citation case? or if the trooper failed to tell us that the speed was recored by the Lidar, should we have asked for the reading ( i know that it is kind of to late, but I want to know the procedure/protocol),
    If I am planning to get the public record for the case prior the hearing, will it contain the Lidar reading of some or an image in the file?
    there are also 2 other thing, first, as I found out from online sources, he should have requested the citation to be signed, and he did not. and 2: the driver had a change of address which was posted on the back of the licence (RMV was notified 6 months prior), but the ticket had his old address filled in.
    Thanks in advance

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    The only reading you are going to get is the one on the ticket. He does not have to show you the reading nor is there a file of the lidar gun readings.

    See the how to beat your ticket section for more info on what to ask for in beating a lidar ticket. There is a lot of info there on MA lidar citations.
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    Good luck! And read the MA how to beat your ticket stickies, they have a couple beat LIDAR cases.

    It will take you a while to prepare a successful defense, so look at a lawyer if you don't want to worry too much. Two people I know got tickets dismissed for around $300 in lawyers' fees.

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    Smile Re: Lidar ticket question

    great, will do. thank you very much



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