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    Hello everbody hows it hanging, I have been long gone looking for a radar detector forum like this I have finally found it. First of I would like to introduce myself, my name is John and I live in the suburbs of IL. I have been using a cobra and a whilster pro 78 for a long time. But I decided that I need to upgrade. I dont got that much money, my budget is around $200. I know the leos around me use 35.5 alot. I live in a place where there are alot of hills,curves, and terrian. I have been looking at some detectors that I came across here, and I made my two choices down.

    Beltronics Vector 955
    Escort 8500 NON X50 from escorts ebay store.

    SO my question is which is better at detecting 35.5 and is better around curves and over hills.

    I will appricaiate all your help, and I hope I have lots of fun year and learn alot form the Experts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Road Demon View Post
    Escort 8500 NON X50 from escorts ebay store.
    BINGO! In my opinion, the best RD on the planet under $200 and also the best 35.5Ka detector in this price range.

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    Hows it going. Im Brian and ive been looking at forums and just had to join. i use a escort 9500i and i love it!! look forward to talking with everyone

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome both




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