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Thread: hi, new here.

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    Default hi, new here.

    hi all,

    new here, im from Ireland , south, just looking for some info on what the best RD would be for use here.

    got gatso'd on the M1 the other day, not too sure if i was tagged or the guy in front, but i seen a flash.
    so now that the horse has bolted, im looking for some locks for the stable door.

    the STi driver looks like a nice one as its not detectable, however its pricey and i have no idea if it would even work here.

    seen stuff about the valentine1.

    what can these detect here? fixed camera's, handhelds, gatso, ANPR?
    thinks its anpr, those rear facing jobbies, on the backs of mondeo's?

    any info is greatly appreciated, also a replutable supplier would be appreciated.
    not looking to go down the jammer route just yet.

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    The best for you is the Valentine 1 for the Gatso...

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    talk to this guy - he is from ireland


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    ok, thanks will do.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    HI and welcome to the forum mate.

    I left a reply to your question on the V1 forum here...

    I'm one of you guys now!

    Hope that helps you a bit but there is quite a lot of info to take in on all of this jazz before you will be able to take on our finest here lol .

    AFAIK, the STI driver would work here but the V1 is cheaper and it has the arrows to tell you where the radar is coming from. Very handy when the rear arrow shows you that you passed that petrol station that must have the door opener instead of wondering where .

    The V1 also has the concealed display and I have a remote mute switch hooked up to mine as well so its very easy to mute it while driving in town where it can be a bit chatty but not as bad as I thought either though.

    The only problem with getting a V1 here is that the manufacturers, Valentine Research will not ship abroad outside of the US so I bought mine new on ebay and I have had no problems with it to date.

    The V1 will detect the laser guns and the GATSO vans. It will not detect ANPR but nothing will anyway so you will have to keep an eye out for those yourself. They are not used for speed checks anyway. Only road tax so once you have that in order, you will be fine.

    If you do not plan on getting a jammer, you will find it very difficult to avoid the points here as laser is well over 90% of the threat here. However, if you decide to get one at some stage, the best procedure is to slow down when hit and turn it off and the cop will never know a thing.

    I've done it enough times to know now . Just watch my videos .

    I hope all this helps but feel free to ask away if you need anything cleared up. Member eire05 is also from Ireland BTW.

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    Default Re: hi, new here.

    You need to add some speed camera POIs to your GPS if you have one that camera is well known on the M1 and you may be in luck.

    Their are 17 GATSOs in the Republic of Ireland - With film in only 3 of them.

    The below is a pre-requisite to speeding in Ireland:

    Radar Detector: A Cheetah Sentinel or Valentine 1 - For Fixed GATSO's, GATSOMETER & ROBOT MultaRadar C vans (K-Band).. The cheetah (althought I haven't used it) being the cheaper option but its a remote system and is meant to be excellent at sniffing K-Band. I'm using the Valentine V1 and find it excellent for sniffing out those pesky GATSOs

    Laser Jammer: A Jammer that has a parking sensor or some legal justification is vital. Personally I've been using the Laser Pro Park since 2006 with little hassle, but the Laser Interceptor is pipped as the top dog now, either way you can't go wrong as Ireland only uses LTI 20-20, Marksman and Ultralyte LIDAR which is an easy task for most decent jammers. Both jammers I've mentioned above have the Parking sensor option.

    GPS Fixed Camera POI's: Cheetah GPSMirror or GPS POI alerts, most GPS systems allow you to add a speed camera POIs and alert a distance from them. Althought the GPSMirror looks an excellent system I couldn't justify using it yet as there's only 17 Cameras in the Republic of Ireland, when they start to get littered all over the place I'll consider a purchase.

    For more information see my thread:

    Among other things the law regarding the above devices is in that thread as well as a list of GPS coordinates for the fixed cameras (NOTE: some cameras have been removed since that list was compiled!)




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