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    Just checking in here. First and foremost, I just wanted to say that, as a general rule, I have the upmost respect for members of the law enforcement community. Furthermore, what alot of folks here may not realize is the fact that police officers have a "commanding officer" just like Marines and soldiers have a commanding officers within their respective units. Moreover, at certain times of the year, police officers are given orders to focus on "traffic enforcement" and must follow those orders just like we had to in the Marine Corps. Anyway, it isn't personal if you get pulled over and receive a citation (yes I do speed occasionally myself, that's why I'm on this board), the cops are just following orders. With that being said, it would s*** to be on the receiving end of those doing their job, that's why I'm joining this board. Out

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    Welcome and thanks for your service.

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    welcome aboard. Its better to be prepared, so you have picked a good place.

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    Welcome Aboard, Marine

    Where 'bouts are you presently located ?
    What do you feel are your needs ?
    Did a particular event bring you here ?
    Do you have experience with speed counter-measures ?
    What is your budget ?
    What do you drive ?

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    With regards to the earlier stated question, I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am a new owner of a Passport 8500X50. As for my job, well, I got laid off from my first civilian job (post Marine Corps) and am now attending college on the GI Bill. I ran across this site while researching what type of radar detector would be appropriate for me within the 300-350 dollar price range. I was convinced that I needed a new detector (I formerly owned an older Passport 4600) when one of my professors received a citation for SIX, that's right SIX MPH in excess of the PSL. Also, I must note that this WAS NOT the speed that was written on the citation, but the ACTUAL speed she was driving when cited. Moreover, she stated that the judge DID NOT throw out the ticket and she still had to pay a fine. This convinced me that it was time for a new radar detector. Colorado Springs, Colorado was rated as the number one speed trap in America by the NMA if I recall correctly. If anyone has any other questions please feel free to ask.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

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    Laser is big in CO, so you know what that means. The n8500 will get smoked with no jammer.



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