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    Default Hello from Sydney!

    Hi All

    I have started driving alot of kilometres for work...1500 per week

    So I thought I would invest in some protection, namely something to pickup k band and ka...and something to countermeasure laser...

    A mate told me about this forum and I hope to learn more about the technology and educate myself

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    Default Re: Hello from Sydney!


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    Default Re: Hello from Sydney!

    welcome to the forum. if you are looking for radar protection namely the K and Ka bands, i would suggest RD like the valentine one, Bel STi, 9500ix, 9500Ci, Redline(wait till more testing is done.)etc.......depending on your budget.....

    These are all higher end RDs and the cheapest and the BEST of the price from the list is the valentine one.....

    For the laser i would suggest the LI (they are the current best in the market), Or the blinder m25/27 or the m45/47......

    In addition to the jammers would recommend laser shields and veil application to your headlights.....

    I am not sure what the law is in australia, make sure you know it before taking any risk....

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    Default Re: Hello from Sydney!

    Are RDs illegal in New South Wales? I believe they are. Assuming they are, I'm pretty sure the police are using a RDD(radar detector detector) called the Spectre. That would limit your options to the Bel STi, Escort RedLine, Bel STi-R and the Escort 9500ci.

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    Default Re: Hello from Sydney!

    Welcome to the forum

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    g'day -

    Welcome to the Forum



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