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    Lurker here for a first post. When I was researching various detectors the forums were a great help. I decided to go with the V1 and it has saved my butt several times in the few months that I've had it. I drive a Pontiac G8 GT and have the V1 mounted off the passenger's side of the rear-view mirror using a clamp, arm, platform, and some Velcro. I use a concealed display down by the gauge cluster and have everything hardwired out of the way.

    I'm sure I'll be posting lots of questions in the future... I need to become a radar expert it seems. Ever since I saved a few car club buddies from potential tickets I've been moved to the front of the pack when we are driving!


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    Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of info and experience here.

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    Welcome to the forum



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