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    Hello been lurking finally registered.

    I have a ? regarding the rear shifter for the 9500ci. Is there a top and bottom? By installing it upside down from the pics in the brochure it sits a little higher on the plate frame and is less obvious. The radar unit has an arrow on the top, the rear laser unit comes with no markings.


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    On the front, it is important. On the rear, it is not. Whatever is easiest for you is fine on the rear. However, the rear Shifter on the 9500ci is pretty well worthless to begin with. Don't count on it to actually save you or you're going to get pwn3d. Most likely, that applies to the front too, depending on what you drive. I wouldn't trust it for anything larger than a black Ninja motorcycle.

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    I suggest you put the rear shifter on the front not the rear. What do you drive?



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