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    Hello to all and thank you for all the fantastic information on this site. I purchased a 9500ix a few weeks ago and waited to post until I had some miles on the road with the rd. So far it seems to work well. After reading other posts, I turned off the POP option. I use the expert display because it's kind of cool tracking several signals out there at once. My biggest question is around X Band. I seemed to get warnings around trucks on my drive back from Atlanto to Raleigh. Does the CB set off the x-band on the rd?

    Thanks again for all the info.

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    Welcome to the Forum

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    Welcome to the forum. A CB radio does not cause a X band false. This may be coming from automatic door openers that you pass.

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    North Carolina still uses X band, so you may have seen a real signal. Then again it was probably the local grocery store automatic doors.

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    I was on I-85 going 80MPH. I didn't think it would be grocery stores or garage door openers. And I didn't realize NC still uses x band so I'll just keep it on and be careful. I must admit that I did feel more aware with the rd. Thanks again for the comments.

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    Greetings and good luck with your new 9500ix!



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