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    Default New blinder owner

    Just purchased M 47 Blinder for my C-6 Corvette and cant wait to try them.

    Just need to know where the best place is too feed wires from the front bimper to the inside of the car.

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    Welcome to the forum. Please post a pic of your vehicle.

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    Default Re: New blinder owner

    Welcome to the forums

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    Welcome aboard! What year C6?
    Valentine One (3.858 Ice Cream Truck, 3.812 in Vette)
    4 Head LI (On Vette) (7.11 CPU Regular heads front, HP Heads on the rear)
    9500ci (On Vette)

    LI Quad (On Ice Cream Truck)

    LI Dual (On SRX, 7.06 CPU)

    ProLaser II, ProLaser III, Stalker LZ-1, LTI Marksman & Laser Atlanta "R" (looking for an Ultralyte LRB)

    2008 Corvette Z-51 Coupe

    Escort 9500 ix (Cadillac SRX)

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    Welcome to the Forum
    -------and the



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