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    Default Any " MUST DO'S " for LI and V1 install ?

    Newbe question .
    What are some " MUST DO'S " when installing the LI quad along w hardwiring a valentine into rvm, and placement of the concealed unit ?
    I own a 06' SL55 and ordered the quad laser jammer , Laser interceptor and the valentine 1 RD w/ concealed unit. I dont want to make costly mistakes , and I totally value the collective knowledge of my fellow forum friends.
    BTW , Cliff at Laser Interceptor 1000 % professional. He called me back immediaetly always , answered all my questions and was able to give me valuable input that would've cost be big $$$ w/out his knowledge . Without a doubt the best customer service I've ever received . Thank you , Cliff .
    To all " THANK YOU in ADVANCE "

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    Default Re: Any " MUST DO'S " for LI and V1 install ?

    Yes, for the LI:

    The jammer heads must be level, have a clear view of the road, and must be aligned properly. This means they can't be pointing out to the side; they must be pointing straight ahead. I would post a picture of your vehicle so everyone here can recommend where to place the jammer heads. Also, when you are plugging in the jammer head cables into the CPU, you must put them in the right slots. There should be a white sticker on the cpu that says where to plug in the jammer head cables.

    For the V1:

    Mount it high to the left of your RVM. If you have a tint strip, mount it behind it as long as the tint is non-metallic. Also, hardwire the V1 to get rid of the annoying AC adapter cord.

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    Default Re: Any " MUST DO'S " for LI and V1 install ?

    Use the Invisicord for hard wiring the V1, unless you are planning to use the concealed display.

    Invisicord makes it really easy to tap the power supply to the mirror and run to the V1 with a 6 or 8" phone cord.

    As you can see from my installation the power cord is practically invisible (look closely top right of V1 and you can see where it connects to the V1).
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    Default Re: Any " MUST DO'S " for LI and V1 install ?

    Dealing with Cliff is one thing you will never regret. Class act, committed to your satisfaction.

    Check the FAQ in my signature for specific concerns on a jammer set-up. Welcome!

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