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    what's going on everyone. I currently have a V1 and swear by it, it has saved my ass plenty of times. I registered to find out more info on this lidatek le-10 i recently gotten or whats left of it. As soon as i figure out where to post about it i will. I probably wont be contributing to the site much bc all of this is very confusing.

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    Welcome to the forum. The LE-10 is an ancient jammer and pretty hard to come by. Whatever you do, don't sell it. It uses brute force jmming so it will throw jam codes on police laser guns. This means they will know you have a jammer. Still, keep it and use it as a backup if you get another jammer. What vehicle do you drive and what is your location?

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    thanks for the warm welcome. from what i've read the le-10 was great back in the day but nothing has been tested on it recently so i wasnt sure if its still good now. i emailed even tho its under construction hoping to get an answer on there T1 T2 T3 settings to understand it more but havent gotten anything back yet.

    i have 2 vehicles, a 02 honda accord EX coupe and a 93 honda si civic but may sell the civic for something with more room. Im from louisiana, about 4 hours east on I20 of the DFW area

    apparently the v1 has settings which i found out surfing the forum, imma have to read more on this

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    Although it may seem confusing at first, there are many here who are willing to help you out. I know I've learned a lot and I'm sure you will too.



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