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    Hi everyone. I've been reading this site for a couple of weeks now, and have been really impressed with the intelligent discussion and amount of active users.

    I'm attempting to narrow down my first purchase, but I can't decide. Leaning toward the Beltronics STI Driver, though.

    I'm also worried about getting one shipped, as radar detectors are illegal in my province.

    Look forward to our future discussions.
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    Welcome to the forum. For stealth, your choices are narrowed...The Sti Driver, the Sti-remote (discontinued), 9500ci and the Redline...

    Given the last test, the Sti-r had the best Instant On response. The Sti Driver was very good on constant on Ka though.

    Too early to tell on the Redline, unlcear if its more similar to the 9500ci or the STi-driver series

    I'd probably pick the Sti-r for IO performance.

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    the price differences are extreme tho....once u get ur STi up in canada make sure you hardwire it so it is out of sight and run it in dark mode...i have used mine in canada before...stealth is awesome




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