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    Today is the day. I have viewed the incredibly informative information provided on this forum, but had yet to make the obligatory first post. I have been a long-time Bel user and was always pleased with my detector's performance. Although considered a lower-end detector, my V950 (Older Series S7 antenna) provided many years of radar saves, however, as of late, I have felt less confident in its abilities to Instant On range (as its range is lacking significantly over higher end detectors). I have researched all summer and was excited to hear about the upcoming Escort RedLine. I immediately pre-ordered as I felt the great display features coupled with "V1 Like Sensitivity" would be an amazing combination. However, upon reading the first impressions of the RedLine, I have made the decision to purchase the Valentine One. I wish I had the "stealth" features for my travels into NOVA and the Spec mode of the Bel/Escorts, but I guess you can't sacrifice performance at the end of the day. Also, to supplement my V1, I have purchased the new Cheetah C50 and expect it to arrive this Friday as well. I reside in Maryland and beginning October 1, our speed cameras expand statewide. While even my current Bel alerts to the stationary and mobile K-Band locations, the Village of Chevy Chase recently installed Laser Speed Cameras. My hope is the C50 database will assist here. Let me know your thoughts. I know there's so much to decide on in setting the V1 to a balance between too many falses and having the sensitivity to pick up short bursts of radar (ie Quick Trigger)

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    You made the right choice going with the V1. It is the best radar detector against QT and I/O. Be sure to install the V1 up high near your RVM; you should also consider getting the V1's concealed display. If you get pulled over for using a RD, give the cop your old Bel instead of the V1.

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