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Thread: Hi from MA!

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    Default Hi from MA!

    I'm pretty much a total newb to radar. I've been doing research for the past few days, especially on this site, so I'd figure I'd register so I can start asking questions.

    I found a super crappy 1995ish Whistler RD in my parents' garage about a month ago and have been toying around with it. I started watching videos of some newer RDs and it made me realize how utterly awful the one I have is. I've never had a ticket and only been pulled over once, but I just got a new job and my commute will be basically the reverse of everyone else around here. I've had too many close calls and would like a RD to help cut down on those a little.

    Should I start asking questions about what to look for here, or post a separate thread in General Discussions?

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    Default Re: Hi from MA!

    Welcome aboard. You may want to read a bit more, before you ask the "what RD should i get" question

    Some factors to consider:
    -Whats your budget?
    -Do you expect to drive in areas that radar detectors are banned?
    -Your driving environment (interstate, suburban, etc)
    -Your sensitivity to "false alerts"...Be aware that there are non-police radar sources that will cause your radar detector to alert. If your environment is full of pharmacies, grocery stores, home depots, etc---you will have lots of these alerts. Will that bother you?

    you should read the reviews

    As a V1 zombie, I must point out the the valentine one for prime consideration. It really is an exceptional tool.

    Now, don't forget about laser enforcement. You may experience more laser than radar where you drive. Do NOT expect any radar/laser detector to save you from a laser ticket. You need laser jamming for that.
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    Default Re: Hi from MA!

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Default Re: Hi from MA!

    Welcome to the forum
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