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Thread: Hi from TX

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    Default Hi from TX

    Name is Sean. Got nailed for the first time in 10 years (of course by laser). The V1 has saved me so many times, but need something to deal with the laser. So want to look and see what's the best out there.

    Looks like it's LI or the new M47. Hope to find out good things about both of them.

    Oh yeah I'm in Houston area.

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    Default Re: Hi from TX

    Welcome, Sean. You're in luck, as Houston is one of the most active laser jammer testing areas of the country. We just did some last weekend, and we'll be doing a larger, open test on the 24th. There's a thread about it in the Laser Jammer section for more info. If you can get your set-up installed by then, you'll be able to test it out exhaustively against every gun. If not, well then we can help you install it. Your timing is good!

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    Welcome to the forum. What part of Houston are you from and where did you encounter the laser speed trap?




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