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    Default They are making me do this....

    Hello from Santa Barbara. Interested in sharing performance observations of various RADAR detectors.

    My first detector was a Fuzz Buster so that may date me for some. Currently use an Escort 8500-X50 (currently in for a "Tune Up") I usually only run my RD out on the interstate. I drive the speed limit in town. Speeding for such short distances just does not buy any useful time savings. That and all the door openers and alarm sensors are tiresome. I am not all that big of a scofflaw anyway. Ten to 15 over is about all I ever do. I credit my 8500-X50 and my spidie sense with many saves over the years.

    One of the most memorable saves was East bound on I-10 rolling out to Scottsdale. The Arizona DPS must have been having one of their Max enforcement weekends because from 20 miles East of Quartzite to about 70 miles West of Phoenix they had drivers pulled over every few miles on both sides of the Highway. Truckers too. The speed limit out there is 75 and I am rolling Behind a Chrysler 300 we are both doing about 85. I get a weak Ka alert and pop off the cruise control to cost down to 75 where I reset it. The 300 just keeps on rolling. I wonder if the driver wondered why his tail for the last 20 miles suddenly dropped off. The Ka alert increased to Max after about 45 seconds. Just over a little crest I saw the Cruiser merging into the number 1 lane from the divider another 100 yards ahead. I changed lanes to give it some room (nice of me eh?). He got up on that 300's tail and hit his lights.

    Speed Enforcement Cameras in the burbs and metro areas are another thing all together. Read the road signs is all I can say.

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    Default Re: They are making me do this....

    Welcome to the forum.



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