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    Just recieved a cobra xrs9685 from a freind and I would like to know how to use thise product, I tried contacting cobra website and had no luck. If anyone has ever mounted this unit to harley I would like to no how they mounted it and if I should even bother with the unit or go buy a different detector? Please help

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    [ame=]YouTube - radar detector test Whistler or Cobra (can't remeber)[/ame]

    Good luck. Get a different detector.

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    Cobras consistently perform at the bottom of every credible RD(radar detector) test. Check out for accurate testing results, then get back to us when you have questions. Also, the link at the upper-right on this page has lots of motorcycle mounts available for purchase.

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    I agree with them. If you want an affordable detector that is still good quality, I recommend a Whistler.

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    yeah cobras are horrible....sorry but its the truth.....

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    Friends don't friends drive with Cobras. Smash it and get pics. Sorry, they are just junk. Hate to see you led astray and get a ticket.



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