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    Hows it going guys. Long time fourm reader and member finally deciding to post. So Got a 96 VW Jetta with a Escort 8500 X50 Red and a ZR4. Finally posting cause i got a ticket in the most unfortunate of circumstances and need/want it gone. But hope to learn a lot from you guys much like one of my very good friends has.

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    how did u get ur ticket? radar or laser or wat

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    Laser from the rear. Was a Black Gun with blue trimmings. I posted up the situation in the ticket area of the forum

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    Just wanted to say hello all. This is my first post.

    I expect to learn alot here.

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    not here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aali1011 View Post
    Laser from the rear. Was a Black Gun with blue trimmings. I posted up the situation in the ticket area of the forum
    This one?

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    Can't remember i want to say that the rubber trim that is found on the front outside of the detector was blue. I am retarded i went back to the officer to ask him and i saw the gun in his lap.

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    Well, here are the guns in use in the US.

    Laser Guns - Guys of LIDAR

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    It was more then likely the Ultralyte

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    Damn sorry that sucks that getting a ticket drove you to the forums.

    Its good to know they are now firing laser at the rear of the cars in CT so now i can justify my rear jammer set-up

    Any chance of seeing photos of both the front and rear of your car to verify the install was done correctly?

    he rear ZR4 head is not enough even when you do install it so you might want to look for an additional jammer for the rear

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    I can link to pictures no problem. Can't post yet.

    Those are the front heads. Perfectly level and straight. The rear isn't installed.I have a European plate tub on the car so i was trying to figure out a method of installing the rear head along with the North American plate while keeping it clean.

    Ass end of the car

    EDIT** So i guess i have to get to 15 posts before i can post pics or links.




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