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    Default Radar detector for LTI 20/20 and Speedlaser R

    I am in a location where the local police uses LTI 20/20 Laser gun. I bought the XRS 9545 - 14 Band radar detector and works fine on the LTI 20/20.
    I just recently discovered the police started to use the Speedlaser R gun from Laser Atlanta. At this time, I donít know yet if my Cobra works with the Speedlaser R, does any one know or can tell if the Cobra XRS 9545 14 bands will detect the Speedlaser R gun?
    If not, what type of radar can detect both types of guns used in my area the LTI 20/20 and the Speedlaser R?
    Also, is there a jammer device that would work on the above two type of guns, if yes, can you recommend one.
    Does the LTI 20/20 and the Speedlaser R. has a circuit to identify jamming signals?

    I realize these may and might be dumb questions, but I greatly appreciated any help.

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    Default Re: Radar detector for LTI 20/20 and Speedlaser R

    Your cobra and frankly ANY radar detector is not an effective countermeasure for lidar. By the time your detector alerts its too late, your speed is already recorded. Also many radar detectors do NOT go off when hit by lidar. The lidar beam is narrow an is usually aimed at your headlights or front license plate, not your windshield, so your RD will not "see" the lidar beam"

    Read around the forum, always check the stickies. Checkout the laser interceptor and blinder M27 or 47 for effective laser countermeasures.

    Also you may want to research radar detectors too. Search for guysoflidar and read up.

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    Default Re: Radar detector for LTI 20/20 and Speedlaser R

    Welcome to the forum

    You sir, are going to get pwned with your detector, in fact with any detector. The detectors are a false hope against laser. The higher end RD have a better chance in picking up scatters.

    I would recommend getting the LI or the Blinders laser jammers. They are the most recommended counter measures against laser. research the forum for more information on them.

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    Default Re: Radar detector for LTI 20/20 and Speedlaser R

    Trying to use a detector as protection against laser is a mug's game. At best it will tell you when the cop has nailed you, often it won't even do that.

    Laser is a focused beam, so unless he points it at your windshield, an rd won't go off. The windshield doesn't reflect laser back, so normally a cop will aim at headlamps, or grille, or plate. Those places are far away from the rd.

    So your only hope is he misses, and even then he may get your speed because laser gives instantaneous readings.

    Your only hope is a good jammer. I recommend blinder m47 or laser interceptor quad against the guns you mentioned. Laser interceptor quad is aroud 1100 for parts and is best money can buy. M47 is about 750 bucks.
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    Default Re: Radar detector for LTI 20/20 and Speedlaser R

    What everyone before me has said is correct. A radar detector will not save you from police laser. Check this stickie to see what you can do about police laser:



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