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    Default Awaiting my Qi45

    I just ordered the new Escort Qi45. Anyone else place an order for one or have one yet? I'm thinking about mounting options and people's experiences putting them in. They say 45 minutes... That seems really fast

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    Default Re: Awaiting my Qi45

    No one here has one of these, probably because the much more sensitive, but discontinued Bel STi-R , can still be found from authorized dealers, for around the same price. Basically, the Qi45 is a remote mounted X50, while the STi-R is a remote mounted RedLine.

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    Default Re: Awaiting my Qi45

    welcome to the forum

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    Default Re: Awaiting my Qi45

    Welcome to the forum! And the Qi45 does not seem to be a very common detector, but would love to see the install pictures when you figure out where to mount it.

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    Default Re: Awaiting my Qi45

    I would suggest mounting the display somewhere easy to see so either in the windshield area, where the dash meets the window, in the mirror, or in the instrument cluster (on top of the steering column is good).

    I would suggest you mount the radar antenna outside the car (i.e. cut through the grille on the lower airdamn and mount it there sticking out slightly so it has clear view. The rationale is that mounting behind grille and bumper tends to reduce Ka band sensitivity, and since your detector is less sensitive to start than an STI-R or 9500ci, you should maximize sensitivity in thinking about how to mount. The controller can go anywhere - ashtray is often a popular choice as is the area on the dash to the right of the steering column.

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    Default Re: Awaiting my Qi45

    Quote Originally Posted by hadesATL View Post
    Welcome...can't wait to see the install pics!
    Pics would be great! Also would like to know if the performance is any better or worse than a dash mount X50.

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    Default Re: Awaiting my Qi45

    Heh, I had to google what a Qi45 was. It's interesting, but I think it's overpriced. Post up some pics please.



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