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    I'm looking to get good information on radar/ laser detectors. I'm also looking for information on dealing with speed cameras. I drive a Mercedes CLS 55 AMG and need all the protection I can get!

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    Welcome to the forum. Please let us know you budget so it can help us recommend. And for laser i wouldnt count on a detector. only laser jammers provide a solution to the problem. You can research on detectors that have gps capabilities so that it can report to speed cameras / RLC. or you can buy seperate systems that are made for radar and one for the Cameras.

    Where area would the detector be used in?

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    You have a very nice car. If you want the CLS55 AMG of radar, laser and traffic camera solutions, I would suggest the following which is what I happen to have:

    1) 9500ci (the top custom installed radar detector with basic laser jamming, and GPS feature which allows you to block out false alerts and get warnings of speed cameras, red light cameras and speed traps). This covers all you radar and traffic camera warning needs.

    2) Laser Interceptor Quad or Blinder M47 - the best laser jammers on the market today which give you strong active defense against laser.

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    Welcome to the forum. What radar detectors are you looking into?




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