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    Greetings everyone, I have a new RD on the way and would like to hard-wire it with an InvisiCord or Stealth Cord. I drive a 2009 Volvo V5 with rain-sensing windshield wipers and a compass in the RVM. As a result, there is a plastic box between the mirror and windshield -- not the easily-accessible plug like the Infiniti G35. I gave the box a gentle tug and there is a little give but nothing that hints at how to remove it.

    Has anyone done a hard-wire with a setup like this? If I can remove the box, am I likely to find the necessary power connector behind it?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    No idea. Can you not see any wire going into the mirror?

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    Best advice I can give is swing by a dealership and ask one of the techs how to remove it. If they ask why just tell them you want to protect it so it doesnt fade from the sun

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    Batman: yes there is a conduit that comes down from the map light/moonroof control panel and into the box.

    I think a dealer tech is my best bet...

    Thanks guys.



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