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    I have been reading for a while and decided to join! Just got a new RX 65 as present which I haven't opened yet. My girlfriend had not realized I had recently purchased a Whistler xtr 695 se and Blinder 25 (used). I have not installed yet I am having a hard time finding placement on an S80. Right now I am trying to decide whether to keep the RX 65 and sell the Whistler as used or return the RX 65. The whistler seemed to have better instant on sensitivity than the Bel on the GOL site, but the Bel seemed to have better performance in all other areas. It seems like there are a lot of instant on guns in my area. Any recommendations?

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    Welcome to the forum. I'd keep the RX. For your Blinder, you'll have to cut your upper grille so you can have enough space to fit the jammer heads. Post a pic of your vehicle.

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    I would either keep the RX65 and sell the Whistler, or see if you can swap it for a 9500ix using the money you get for your Whistler.

    I generally like to keep gifts from my girlfriend though.

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    I am leaning toward the rx 65 My biggest hesitation is that the Whistler is only about 20 days old. I am worried I won't be able to get much for it.

    I don't have enough post to to submit photos just yet. I figure when I do I will move ask some install tips over in a more appropriate section.

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    I would keep the RX-65.




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