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    Greetings to all members.

    I have just registered and I look forward to learning from the wealth of knowledge out there.

    I am originally from South Africa and have been living in the US for almost five years. I drive about 30 000 miles per year and have in excess of 1 700 000 kms behind me.

    I joined the forum to get more insight into radar detectors and laser jammers. The choices out there are many and I hope to narrow the choice so that I can make a decision to purchase.

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    Welcome to the forum. What radar detectors are you looking into?

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    Welcome aboard.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    I was looking at the STi Driver because of the 'stealth' benefit. I do sometimes travel through VA so this benefit would be helpful. A friend has just purchased the 9500ix and he is really impressed. The GPS feature is helpful.

    Today I heard about the Escourt Redline. Although this has not been tested yet, I was advised by a knowledgeable source that it may be slightly more sensitive than the STi.

    The other question is dash mounted or remote. I like a dash mount because I can use it in the wife's car. In the same breath, if money was not an issue I would get the remote-9500ci. I will probably end up getting a dash mounted unit and if I can save up some extra cash I will get a remote unit for my car and my wife can use the dash mounted unit.

    I am definitely keen on a jammer as well and will more than likely choose the Blinder M47 at this point.

    My knowledge regarding all of this technology is in it's infancy so any advice will be considered. I have only ever owned one radar detector and bought it in the late 90's while still in SA. It was a Phantom. I know is archaic-I actually used it for a little while here in the US and I must say that without knowing whether it was good or not, I got several helpful alerts.

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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