....Where 5+ can net you 3 points on your license.

I've run Escorts exclusively since I had to replace my original FuzzBuster 30 years ago and have been ticket-free ever since. In fact, due to obligatory attendance of the ISP Defensive Driving Course every 3 years (work), I've had -3 points on my driving record since 1999.

Two years ago, I decided I could ease the pressure on my right foot because I really don't have to be anywhere as quickly as I've been getting there....packed away the Passport 8500. That worked for awhile but, slowly and steadily, I began to pick up my speed again. I'd rather be relaxing with family and friends at my vacation destinations 2-3 hours earlier, rather than still doing battle out on the Interstates.

Three months ago, I got stopped at 3 a.m. just north of Nashville, TN for a jailable/impound speed, but the statie let me go with a warning....I'm an old fart, neatly dressed, polite, Camry-driver who made the stop a safe and pleasant experience for the cop....the ISP Memorial tag didn't hurt my situation. I can't cure my lead foot and they obviously won't, so I've begun rearming myself.

I'm still an Escort guy....x50 and S2....but recently picked up an RX65 which I'm still evaluating. Last week, I got tagged hard by Lidar leaving the Indy Int'l Airport....uncommon in Indiana. So, thinking along the lines of lazer countermeasures and the reason I signed up here.

Here's a warning for anyone traveling IN 37 between Indianapolis and Mitchell, IN; IN 267 between Plainfield and Mooresville; and, IN 67 between Decatur and Martinsville. ISP task forces are more frequently working these areas and don't take for granted that 5 over is safe....or you can easily win an unsafe driving award.

Nice to be here and everyone be safe....regards,