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    Default radar detector/laser jammers reviews

    I am looking into purchasing a radar detector and laser jammer and wanted to get some input from a very coherent bunch that is up to date on all their gadgets in this field. I drive mainly in athens GA area but travel to and from NJ on a regular basis spending summers up North. I am looking for a jammer and radar detector. Does a company make a all in one device that works? I am not too picky on the company make, just looking for something that works, and works well, not just 50% of the time. I have owned a passport RD(around $350 in 2002) before and was fairly happy with its features and detection ability. I dont have a budget limit but dont want to break the bank per say either. Any help in finding that perfect device(s) is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: radar detector/laser jammers reviews

    Escort makes an all-in-one but the jammers are "sub-optimal" compared to LI and Blinder jammers.

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    Default Re: radar detector/laser jammers reviews

    There's a lot of info here, and you can watch a lot of video for both radar and laser jammers. Since you're already an escort guy - look at Escort Redline or Beltronics STi Driver.

    Anyway - dig in !

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