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    Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi. I have been finding all the info on the site very interesting.

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    welcome to the forum.
    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

    "I'm interested to see how well you do.I never seen a car JTG before would be a first for me.."

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    Welcome. Just don't get too carried away with all this stuff...which I don't think having everything is too much.

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    I'm new here too. Welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum. Do you have a radar detector already or are you looking to find the best one for your budget? What is your budget and what are you interested in buying. The members here would be glad to assist you in your choice.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Well I just bought a Escort 9500iX yesterday. I can say, so far I am very pleased. My next score is going to be a Blinder M47! Gotta keep these speeding tickets down to a minimum. (Hey I drive a Roush Mustang... I think I get profiled by the cops a bit!)



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